International Student Mobility | Student of Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Muhammadiyah Semarang Central Java Indonesia Go to the University of Malaya Malaysia

DSC_0685Students of the Faculty of the Dentistry University of Muhammadiyah Semarang are involved in international activities by joining International Student Mobility to the College of Dentistry University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The departure of the students was released by the Rector, Vice Dean II and Head of International Relationship Officer (IRO).

International Student Mobility at the University of Malaya, from 26-30 July 2017, followed by 11 students of dentistry faculty semester 8. The basis of international student mobility activities is the MoU with the University of Malaya, and implementation of international activities, and the learning needs, in the Program Dentistry Study. Explained by Vice Dean II, this activity is part of elective program learning and supports the dentistry faculty mission in internationalization.

DSC_0698This acts as a vision of the faculty of dentistry, as a superior family medicine by optimizing preventive. Through these activities, students are expected to follow the clinical class apart on technology maxillofacial surgery, also can learn about the preventive measures of dental problems in Malaysia “. Then, it is expected that students involved in student mobility can also provide input on the learning system, or curriculum available at the University of Malaya, which may be adopted so that the quality of curriculum and learning will improve.

Vice Dean II, also hopes this event is an event for dentistry study program to begin to transform themselves in the foreign arena. then from that point on, the student mobility is expected to stimulate the interest of students about oral surgery, learn more and pass on interest and knowledge gained on other friends.

On that occasion the Rector advised the students to equip themselves with knowledge when they attended the activities at the University of Malaya, followed the activities well, and returned with the knowledge, in order to share experiences with colleagues. “Dentistry students, need to learn to exchange experiences with friends from outside the country, and with friends in Indonesia, about the science of dentistry that supports the development of a professional dentist, a reliable and Islamic.