Unimus Goes to Senior High School 2018 With Mrs Lina Sandgrand (Sweden)

Kendal (14/05/2018) | Unimus Go To School Program “Sharing with Native Speaker” which is in the title of IRO (International Relations Office) Unimus and Faculty of Foreign Language and Culture Unimus present Lina Sandgren from Sweden at SMAN2 Kendal. Lina Sandgrand was warmly welcomed by the Principal of SMAN 2 Kendal (Yuniasih, SPd. MPd) and the ranks of teachers and students. The morning activity at 09.00 starts with a dinner in the principal’s room by introducing traditional food.

“This program is a program in order to support the school in strengthening the learning of English, and as a means of promotion Unimus in school” as Muhammad Yusuf, Ph.D. Director of International Relations Office Unimus. The Head of School expressed his gratitude to Unimus who helped facilitate the school with “Unimus Go to School” program. “This activity brings many benefits and provides opportunities for students to interact directly with the native teacher” Sigit, SPd (English Teacher)

In addition to presentation and role play in English, activities are also equipped with conversation and writing. Lina Sandgren is also entertained with traditional dance and student creativity product exhibitions. Lina Sandgren is a native speaker volunteer who teaches at the Faculty of Culture and Foreign Languages from 02 May to 25 May 2018.