Living at Semarang

semarangSemarang , the capital of Central Java Province, Indonesia, is a busy port city. Since some centuries ago it has been visited by various shipp from all around the world, resulting acculturation. The continuous assimilation of inland and coastal culture making Semarang has such an unique culture. The city no undoubtly has a rich cultural heritage that is presented in some annual cultural events.

It is located on teh northern coast of the island. The northern part of Semarang is mostly made of coastal plains while the southern  part is located on higher grounds. The city derives its name from a Javanes word that means “Scarce Tamarrind”. The story tells that tamarind trees (Javanes: asem) along streets in the city only have few fruits (in Javanes: arang-arang). The city, due to its proximity to the sea, was a major port during the dutch colonial area and retains its importance even today. The city is located close to both the sea and the mountain and its quite warm and humid throughout the year. It is comfortable to wear cotton clothes. Semarang is the fifth largest City in Indonesia and it covers an area of about 373.67 kilometer square. It has a population of 1,6 million people. Semarang is also a shopper’s paradise and there are  numerous chic shopping malls around the city that are there to serve  the tourist who freak out on shopping.

One undeniable argument is that Semarang, indeed, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world will admit that the city has everything to be entitled as beauty, exquisite, enchanted and amazing.