University of Groningen Netherlands and Faculty of Health, University of Muhammadiyah Semarang

Occupational health is a specific part of health in general, which focuses more on the scope of its activities on improving the quality of life of workers through the application of health efforts. To add knowledge and knowledge about occupational health, Faluktas Public Health University of Muhammadiyah Semarang held an expert lecture with Dr. Erik Hans Schuurman as lecturer from the University of Groningen Netherlands and also the president of the EUR-ASEAN Forum for Occupational Health (EAFFOH). Take place in the Lab Building. Kesehatan Unimus (11/14/2018), expert lecture with the theme “Promoting Behavior Based Safety in Public Health Services”. Followed by hundreds of Unimus FKM students from various classes, the activity was also continued with the signing of the MoU between the two parties. Present to give a speech, Mifbakhuddin, S.K.M, M.Kes as Dean of the Faculty of Public Health. Mifbakhuddin stated that his party had announced from the start that Unimus FKM had to establish cooperation with various institutions both at home and abroad. “So far, we have often carried out collaborative activities that have the aim of increasing knowledge, skills, as well as joining related to aspects of research. Besides that, we also strive for more scientific knowledge of students so that what becomes the vision of Unimus can be translated in the Faculty of Public Health and can run according to what we expect, “he explained. Furthermore, the learning achieved by FKM Unimus is not only a matter of public health but also in relation to oppositional health where FKM Unimus also has occupational health care so the material presented by the speaker is related to occupational health in general and case examples specific, can add insight into students later.