The Faculty of Health Sciences and Nursing Sciences increases International Cooperation with Leading Universities in Taiwan

On the same occasion a follow-up meeting was held in collaboration with Prof. Shu-Fang Wu, PhD (Vice President) and Dr. Li-Ju Lin (Director of International Education Center). On the occasion of discussion with NTUNHS it was agreed to establish a representative center for “Taiwan-Indonesia Healthcare Education Center” which would later be based in Unimus FIKKES. This office is useful in facilitating Taiwan-Indonesia cooperation program programs in the field of nursing.

Taipei – The delegation of UNIMUS Nursing and Health Faculty (FIKKES) consisting of Dr. Budi Santosa (Dean of FIKKES), Dr. Fathul Mubin (Head of Nursing S1) and Muhammad Yusuf, PhD (Director of International Relationship Officer Unimus) conducted a collaborative visit at a leading university in Taipei and Tainan, Taiwan for three days, January 28-30 2019. The visit was made at the invitation of the National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science (NTUNHS), the Dean of FIKKES attended the “Closing Ceremony of Elder Care Technical Training Course” and certificate submission. Internship program carried out by 22 Unimus Ners students for 10 months in Taipei and Kaohsiung.

Cooperation activities were also carried out with Taipei Medical University and Cheng Kung University which discussed the cooperation of Master and PhD education scholarships, short course programs and international mobility programs. In the future there will be many short course activities that can be done by Unimus students and lecturers in Taiwan. Students and lecturers can also access various scholarships at the two well-known universities in Taiwan. “This program of cooperation with universities in Taiwan is very strategic, this is expected to increase the superiority of Unimus FIKKES which has an international perspective,” said Dr. Budi Santosa MSi.Med. This collaboration is of course synergized with Unimus’s vision of international insight.